How to Create a Post on Your Blog

  • Log into your website.
  • From the left side of your Dashboard click on ‘posts’ and select ‘add new’.
  • On the right hand side under Categories, select the category for your post. If  you need to add a new Category, click on ‘Add New Category’ under the list of categories. add the category name then click on the Add New Category tab.  You can select more than one if it is relevant to the post.
  • At the top of the middle column under Add New Post, enter the title of your blog post.
  • Under your Title, click into the large box and type in your text, or paste from another source. Use this area similarly to using a word processing program such as MS Word.
  • Once you have your blog written you can Preview what you have done by clicking on the ‘preview’ button which is in the top right hand corner in the Publish section.
  • From this same section you can Publish your blog by clicking on the ‘publish’ button, or click on ‘edit” (beside Publish Immediately) where you can select a date and time to publish your post.
  • If you are not publishing immediately, make sure you click ‘save draft’ which is at the top of the Publish section.

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