How to Crop an Image in Pixlr

  • Go to
  • Click on Open Pixlr editor (Advanced)
  • From the Editor by box in the middle of that page, click on Open Image From Computer.
  • Select your image from your computer and click Open.
  • In the website header click on Image, then on Crop.
  • With the Crop tool, select the area you want to become the new images. If you want this new images to be square, select Constraint to be Aspect Ratio.
  • When you have cropped the image, click on the image and the Confirm Box will come up.
  • If you are ready to apply the changes, click on Yes.
  • Go to File.
  • Click on Save
  • Select My Computer.
  • Give the image a Name.
  • Select the Format.
  • Select the Quality.
  • Click on OK
  • Select where you want to save the file to.

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