Additional Modules


Mini Shop

To make it super easy for your customer to buy from you we offer a Mini Shop. Mini Shop is suitable for dowloaded products such as ebooks/audios/videos,  or services such as a coaching session or event.

What you get:

  • Creation of three custom PayPal buttons
  • Setup of e-product or service on your website
  • Add PayPal buttons to your website
  • Landing page for customer to download e-product

Mini Shop is only $395

Creation of custom PayPal buttons requires access to your PayPal account. Alternatively we can provide instructions on how to create the PayPal buttons. If you are selling a digital product you will require an Amazon Web Services account.  



E-Commerce for Products

… and Digital Products

  • Installation and setup of Premium Shopping Cart
  • E-commerce pages
  • Instructions on how to add additional products
  • Hosting for digital products (if applicable)

E-Commerce for Products is only $799 and includes up to 10 products installed

Customer to provide wording and image for each product. If you are selling a digital product you will require an Amazon Web Services account.  


Photo Gallery

Got a stash of images that you want to showcase on your website? A Photo Gallery is what you need.

Suitable for many business such as: photographer, graphic designer, pastry chef, childcare centre, wedding planner, fashion house, artist, travel agency, florist, hotel …

Photo Gallery is only $149 and includes setup of up to 20 images.

Customer to provide all images.  


Testimonial Manager

A great way to build credibility and increase sales is to add customer testimonials to your website. The Testimonial Manager will randomly display your testimonials. They can be displayed on a page, in the sidebar, in the header or in the footer of your website.

This tool can also be used to display news items, monthly specials, famous quotes and other information about your business.

Testimonial Manager is only $149 and includes setup of up to 10 testimonials.


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