Why Do I Need Web Hosting?

A website consists of webpages which are made up of a series of files which contain images, text, video, audio, code, etc. that design the whole website.

In order for the website to be visible on the World Wide Web it needs to be Hosted. So all the website files are placed on a server. The servers need to be secure with a high speed internet connection. The server makes your website available to the world through the Internet.

Having a website without hosting is like having a phone without being hooked up to a service provider. You won’t be able to make calls on your phone. If you have a website without hosting, your website won’t be available to the population.

Web hosting companies invest in high end equipment and network architecture which allows them to make websites and email services available through the Internet 24/7. The best hosting companies feature state of the art security, high speed connections and technology to ensure their servers are kept cool and are up and available at all times. They are fast, secure and have backup facilities and redundancy plans and offer their customers technical support.

There is free hosting available, however it comes with disadvantages. Some possible disadvantages of free hosting include:

  • can’t always have your own domain
  • limited server space
  • limited or no support
  • could have advertisements on your site
  • lack of security
  • low bandwidth

Brilliant Web Hosting service offers fast, secure & reliable hosting. Our hosting comes with

  • dedicated fast servers
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • 50gb to unlimited bandwidth
  • 50gb to unlimited disk space
  • 24/7 dedicated support
  • My SQL Facilities
  • C-Panel Facilities

We offer two levels of hosting.

  • Regular hosting
  • Premium hosting

Regular Hosting: Hosts your website $20 per month.

Premium Hosting: Includes hosting of your website plus upgrades to all functions of your site including WordPress, Thesis Theme & Plugins to keep your website secure and fully functioning. Premium Hosting is $39.90 per month.
Our hosting plans included phone and email support for your website and emails.

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